"Your Three Horses, about desire, passion and persistence is a remarkable positive book for anyone with the desire and will to improve their life. I would say that it is as good, or better than, the Dale Carnegie books that I have always read and loved."

Artisan Book Reviews

"An amazing read, I highly recommend it."

Dr. Greg Reid Author of " Three Feet From Gold."

“Your Three Horses” is not another book about creating success by simply dreaming and hoping magic will occur.  Rather, “Your Three Horses” offers a practical framework for achieving success.  The author discovers this framework through the nitty-gritty of trial and error, determined faith and love, and trying again and again.  This is not a necessarily easy path, but it’s a path that any of us can courageously take.” 

Jason Freeman
Author of Awkwardly Awesome: Embracing My Imperfect Best

"An amazing read! Todd gives you the benefits of his life-long wisdom! Read this book and implement its lessons....you won't be sorry!"

Todd Moser

Author Bio

Todd Radus is a Life and Success Coach, Best-Selling Author, Radio Show Host, Mindset & Success Coach, Speaker and a Management & Leadership Trainer & Consultant. He specializes in helping people reach their goals, become successful and find happiness in their lives. He’s a Veteran of Desert Storm and has nearly 30 Years of leadership and business experience. He teaches leadership skills and helps new entrepreneurs learn how to run their businesses through Quality Leadership Skills.

More About the Author

Todd Radus was born in Michigan in 1968. His extended family was from Pennsylvania where he spent his summers growing up on his Uncles farm. He now resides in the Pocono Mountains of PA where he lives with his wife. He runs two businesses TR Success LLC a personal coaching and management training business and Aurora Investing LLC a real estate holding company.

Todd started his career in high school as a general laborer and went on to become a salesman for a local department store. From there he joined the US Navy and became an Aviation Electricians serving in the Gulf War in Desert Shield and Storm.  After his time in the service, he went on to own a small tattooing business than on to a career in business management after the failure of the tattoo studio.

Todd's climb from the doldrums of multiple failures to success was not an easy one.  In Your Three Horses, he shares some of his story and the philosophy of success he now practices today. From rise to fall he shares the ups and downs in his life and how he overcame those setbacks.

"The goal of this book wasn't to pontificate about my own life but to rather share how I overcame those challenges so that the reader may face their own with confidence and fortitude." Todd Radus 
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