My latest book is a guide to quality and effective leadership. I take you past the draconian mindset of being a leader and into the realm of great leaders and how they operate.

They say some people are born to lead; I believe everyone can learn to lead. Much of leadership is people skills and organizational skills. If you can build quality human relations skills, you can become a good leader.

If you can master these 15 concepts and learn to delegate effectively, you will build respect and become a quality leader.
Recommended Reading

Many of us don't know where to turn when seeking information about self-improvement. There is a plethora of information that can sometimes be confusing. I have compiled a list of books here that I believe can help people achieve their potential. Every one of these is on my own shelf.

My book Your Three Horses is listed first for a reason. It's written with the beginner in mind and will also benefit the experienced person. Its purpose is to be a guide an introduction to the philosophies and still contain enough information to work. I wrote this book for you!!
Slef-Help & Self-Improvement
Understanding Money & Investing